About Michael Ioffe

Michael was born in 1959 in Belarus. He studied Art, Architecture and Design at the Minsk School of Architecture. Upon graduation, Michael worked as a graphic designer. He moved to America in 1989.

Since then he has worked as a graphic designer as well as a freelance illustrator for some of New York's most prominent publications such as the New York Times, New York City Journal and others, while working on his art.

Among the influences on his work, Michael considers Cezanne to be the most important, for the architectonic quality of his compositions and the emotional impact of the paintings achieved as much through the physicality of the brushwork as through the fidelity to the subjects depicted. Other artists that are reflected in his work are late Turner, Kandinsky, Soutine, Pollock and Basquiat. In all these artists, it is the quality of their painterly surface and the dissolution of the subject matter that interests him the most.

Michael Ioffe's work explores the rich and ambiguous terrain between the recognizable and the abstract, between the descriptive and the painterly, between explicit and suggestive. This approach allows for a multiplicity of readings and invites the viewer to explore and arrive at their own interpretation.

His compositions are densely populated by vaguely anthropomorphic characters and objects that teete on the edge of disappearance into patterns of purely compositional motion. As a result the work feels both improvisatory and highly composed, caught at the moment of coming together… or flying apart.

Michael works in several media: painting, sculpture, mixed media with each bearing an unmistakably individual stamp. Nevertheless, there are several unifying themes in his work. One is his courage to be led by his creative sub-conscious from conception to the conclusion, as evidenced by the works' gestural boldness and freedom from referential or obvious "message" content.

Another is his commitment to Form. Both his painterly and sculptural work is firmly rooted not in specific physical or pictorial space, or cultural /political context, but in the concrete characteristics of the works themselves, their internal painterly and compositional integrity.


2016 Michael Ioffe is a Featured Artist in the Saatchi Art Online collection
2014 Group Exhibition, "Russian Pavilion", Erarta Galery, NYC, NY
2013 Group Exhibition, Kavachnina Galery, Miami, Fl
2013 Group Exhibition, 25CPW Gallery, Manhattan, NY
2013 Group Exhibition, "Russian Pavilion", ARTTITUD Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2013 Group Exhibition, "REALISM, SURREALISM" Alexandre Gertsman Gallery, NYC, NY
2012 Group Exhibition, Gene Shapiro Auctions, Manhattan, NY
2012 Group Exhibition, Aid For AIDS NYC Art Exhibit,Manhattan, NY
2012 Solo Exhibition, Cavalier gallery, Greenwich, CT
2012 Two-Person Exhibition, Museum of Russian Art, Jersey City, NJ


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