Boston Museum of Fine Art Annual Summer Gala. My painting was selected and sold as a part of group silent auction.

June, 2017

One more artwork sold at Saatchi online

January, 2017

One more artwork sold at Saatchi online

December, 2016

2nd Annual Russian- Ukrainian Charity Fair.

December 11, 2016

Collection on Saatchi Art's

My work has been chosen to be featured in the New This Week 12-5-16 Collection on Saatchi Art's homepage.

Solo exhibition at Cavalier gallery, Greenwich, Connecticut

Michael Ioffe is having a solo exhibition at Cavalier gallery, Greenwich, Connecticut. This exhibit features Michael's work in painting, drawing and sculpture.






Hosted by AID FOR AIDS, curated by Tatiana Pagés and organized by Greencard, this exhibit features the work of over 30 multidisciplinary international artists - from painting, drawing and sculpture to jewelry book illustration and works on paper.

Michael Ioffe took part in this group exhibition with four of his sculptures.


When: June 19th - 22nd, 12:00 - 7:00 pm
Where: 80 West End Avenue, at 64th St.
Lincoln Center West, 4th floor, NYC

A portion of the proceeds will benefit AID FOR AIDS.


Michael Ioffe: Walking on Mind Fields and
Mikhail Magaril: Works on Paper.

The Museum of Russian Art (MoRA) presents a group show titled Michael Ioffe: Walking on Mind Fields and Mikhail Magaril: Works on Paper.




Works by Michael Ioffe on view at MoRa

The Museum of Russian Art (MoRa), NJ in collaboration with Kolodzei Art Foundation, presents Michael Ioffe: Walking on Mind-Fields, a comprehensive exhibition of the New –York based, Belorussia – born artist. Walking on Mind-Fields represents Ioffe`s equal mastery in sculpture, oil paintings and works on paper. The show includes sculptures from the artist`s series Geometry and Eros (2011-2012). The series consists of elemental primitive black and orange forms symbolizing the erotic tension between sexes. A successor of Paul Cezanne in sculpture, Ioffe enhances the archetype, producing works of unique sensual intensity. Included in the exhibition is the series Thirst(2008-2009 self drying clay, acrylic paint), a set of various tea cups of off-white shades in various stage of decomposition, representing the unfulfilled longing for completion.

Walking on the Mind fields features sixteen works on paper that, according to the artist, constitute the foundation of his oeuvre. Most of these works are produced in a single sitting and without a preconceived subject-matter that appears spontaneously as though inspired by Surrealist automatism. "After Bigfoot" (2010) is a perfect example of the artist`s free-hand technique, where the abstract forms gradually take shape of an elusive Himalayan creature and its stupefied admirers. In "After Breugel" (2011), Ioffe revisits "The Parable of the Blind", a renowned tempera painting by the great Flemish Renaissance artist. Departing from the highly descriptive detailed original, Ioffe creates his own parable, where several rough figures staring aimlessly into the space stand to represent the vice of indifference and its dire consequences.

Ioffe`s acrylic compositions are brilliantly colored large-scale tableaux, densely populated by hybrid and grotesque creatures, that are created in the spontaneous vein, similar to the artist`s works on paper. "Fire Dance" (2008) brimming with dynamism, motion and speed might remind the viewer of the unbridled passion of Futuristic paintings. In "My Pet-Iron Cow" (2012), a phantasmagoric armored domestic animal and an android – looking being are engaged in a whimsical dance, perhaps symbolizing a dream of a loyal hard-working companion of a human endeavor.